Setting up Saucelabs

  • Get an account from
  • DON'T bother installing any tunnels or any of that nonsense that it tells you to do. This is actually automatically handled by sauce's npm module which is pretty sweet.
  • Go to "My Account" in saucelabs (bottom left menu) and copy your access key (middle of the page roughly).
  • Set env variables for SAUCE_USERNAME and SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY using your OS's method for doing that (export in bash) with your sauce username and the access key you just copied.
  • Run npm install -g karma-cli Without this karma will sort-of work but give you confusing errors.
  • Run yarn start in your terriajs dir in another terminal.
  • Run gulp test-saucelabs if you have a karma-saucelabs.conf.js file, or run karma start from the TerriaJS directory if you have a karma.config.js file.

If you want to narrow down the browsers being run (i.e. only run IE9), you can remove them from karma[-saucelabs].config.js under browsers.