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Using a Custom Version of Cesium

Working on TerriaJS and Cesium

What if you need to make changes to Cesium while working on TerriaJS?

The process of using a custom version of Cesium is much the same as using a custom version of TerriaJS. See the Development Environment for information on setting up and using yarn. To clone Cesium, do:

cd packages
git clone -b terriajs
cd ..

It is important that you use the terriajs branch of TerriaJS/cesium because it contains important changes to Cesium that are necessary for it to work with TerriaJS. If you need to use a different branch of Cesium, you will need to merge that branch with the changes in the terriajs branch.

And then run:

yarn install

Committing modifications

If you make changes to Cesium and TerriaJS together, here's the process for getting them to production.

First, commit your Cesium changes to a branch and open a pull request to merge that branch to master in the official TerriaJS/cesium repo. Simultaneously, you may want to make a branch of TerriaJS that uses your modified version of Cesium. To do that, modify TerriaJS's package.json. Where it has a line like:

"terriajs-cesium": "^1.25.1",

Change it to:

"terriajs-cesium": "git://",

Replace branchName with the name of the Cesium branch you want to use. You may even use a repository other than TerriaJS/cesium if your branch is in a fork of Cesium instead of in the official repository.

Once your Cesium pull request has been merged and a new version of the terriajs-cesium npm module has been published, please remember to update package.json to point to an official terriajs-cesium version instead of a branch in a GitHub repo.

The package.json in the master branch should always point to official releases of terriajs-cesium on npm, NOT GitHub branches.