TerriaJS is an open-source framework for web-based geospatial catalog explorers.

  • Getting Started: Quick start guide to building your first TerriaJS application.
  • Customizing: Configure and tweak a TerriaJS application, including skinning and setting up the catalog.
  • Connecting to Data: Connect TerriaJS to your servers and data.
  • Deploying: Deploy a TerriaJS application in simple and advanced scenarios.
  • Contributing: Add new features to TerriaJS, be part of the TerriaJS development team, set up a development environment, write tests, and perform code reviews.


Looking for help using a TerriaJS-based site? Try the Terria Platforms User Guide.

The documentation on this site is for applications using TerriaJS version 8. If you are still maintaining an application using TerriaJS version 7 or lower go to docs-v7.terria.io.

This documentation is maintained at github.com/TerriaJS/TerriaJS/tree/main/doc. It can be viewed at docs.terria.io.

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